Hot Wheels, Mattel's iconic toy car brand, has a mission to inspire young people to embrace their 'Challenger Spirit' in everything they do. In a ground-breaking deal, Hot Wheels partnered with someone who understands the power of the 'Challenger Spirit', former Formula 1 World Champion and inspirational family man, Nico Rosberg.

We developed a campaign and story that introduced Nico Rosberg as the
Hot Wheels 'Challenger Spirit' ambassador to inspire a new generation of champions  

"Hopefully, through this campaign and partnership, we can empower kids to succeed in life by finding their own Challenger Spirit"

Nico Rosberg

Working as a creative team behalf of CAA we built out a 360º campaign story where we discovered that Nico's 'Challenger Spirit' has always been present, even during his childhood. 

We cast a young Nico to star alongside the racing legend in this pan-European, above the line campaign which launched the partnership.

Our campaign featured a hero TVC, social content – where young Nico and our F1 Champion went head to head in a series of challenges, online Amazon takeover, digital display advertising and PR appearances.